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Register & Retrieve™ Lock Management

The industry-leading Register & Retrieve™ Lock Management Portal is a smart cloud-based platform for the management of all Kensington locks.  Providing IT managers and users with individual accounts and on-demand access to support services, the simple key registration process helps ensure records stay up to date following personnel changes, offers free key replacements, and stores combination codes.

Be sure to check out our Register & Retrieve™ How To Guide.





  • Set lock allocation details
  • Establish approval hierarchy requirements for replacement key requests
  • Manage Master, Supervisor or Like Keyed programs
  • Register locks individually or in bulk to individuals or groups
  • Register by key holder or location
  • Automatically email key holder with account access information related to their assigned lock or group of locks
  • Order free replacement keys
  • Retrieve stored combination codes
  • Efficiently locate specific information about a lock or group of locks
  • View details on key requests

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